Twitch Token Generator Information

This developer tool is used to generate tokens for use with the Twitch API, Twitch Chat, and Twitch PubSub! To use the tool, simply select the scopes you want and click 'Generate Token!'. You will be prompted by Twitch to authorize your account with the selected scopes. Upon authorization, your access token will be placed in the textbox that says "Token will appear here..." .
Starting May 1st, all Helix API calls must use the CLIENT ID associated with the generated OAuth access token. has a next textbox that has the CLIENT ID now.

Use My Client Secret and Client ID Optional NEW can now use a client secret and client ID that you provide, if you do not wish to use's client secret and client id (only works with Generate functionality). These values are pasted below, and will be saved as cookies in your browser. When you generate a token, these will be sent to's server, and a token will be generated using them. You must set the rediret URL for your TwitchDev application to:


Generated Tokens

As a security precaution, this tool does NOT store your tokens. You will need to generate new tokens if you've lost your current ones.

Available Token Scopes


Add Scope?

Scope Name

Scope Description

analytics:read:extensionsView analytics data for your extensions.
user:editManage a user object.
user:read:emailRead authorized user's email address.
clips:editCreate and edit clips as a specific user.
bits:readView bits information for your channel.
analytics:read:gamesView analytics data for your games.
user:edit:broadcastEdit your channel's broadcast configuration, including extension configuration. (This scope implies user:read:broadcast capability.)
user:read:broadcastView your broadcasting configuration, including extension configurations.
chat:readView live Stream Chat and Rooms messages
chat:editSend live Stream Chat and Rooms messages
channel:moderatePerform moderation actions in a channel
channel:read:subscriptionsGet a list of all subscribers to your channel and check if a user is subscribed to your channel
whispers:readView your whisper messages.
whispers:editSend whisper messages.
moderation:readView your channel's moderation data including Moderators, Bans, Timeouts and Automod settings
channel:read:redemptionsView your channel points custom reward redemptions
channel:edit:commercialRun commercials on a channel.
channel:read:hype_trainView hype train data for a given channel.
channel:read:stream_keyRead authorized user's stream key.
channel:manage:extensionsManage your channel's extension configuration, including activating extensions.
channel:manage:broadcastManage your channel's broadcast configuration, including updating channel configuration and managing stream markers and stream tags.
user:edit:followsEdit your follows.
channel:manage:redemptionsManage Channel Points custom rewards and their redemptions on a channel.
channel:read:editorsView a list of users with the editor role for a channel.
channel:manage:videosManage a channel's videos, including deleting videos.
user:read:blocked_usersView the block list of a user.
user:manage:blocked_usersManage the block list of a user.
user:read:subscriptionsGet the details of your subscription to a channel.
user:read:followsView the list of channels a user follows.
channel:manage:pollsManage a channel's polls.
channel:manage:predictionsManage of channel's Channel Points Predictions
channel:read:pollsView a channel's polls.
channel:read:predictionsView a channel's Channel Points Predictions.
moderator:manage:automodManage messages held for review by AutoMod in channels where you are a moderator.
channel:manage:scheduleManage a channel's stream schedule.
channel:read:goalsView Creator Goals for a channel.
moderator:read:automod_settingsRead AutoMod settings in channels where you have the moderator role
moderator:manage:automod_settingsManage AutoMod settings in channels where you have the moderator role
moderator:manage:banned_usersBan or unban users in channels where you have the moderator role
moderator:read:blocked_termsRead non-private blocked terms in channels where you have the moderator role
moderator:manage:blocked_termsManage non-private blocked terms in channels where you have the moderator role
moderator:read:chat_settingsRead chat settings in channels where you have the moderator role
moderator:manage:chat_settingsManage chat settings in channels where you have the moderator role


Add Scope?

Scope Name

Scope Description

user_readRead access to non-public user information, such as email address.
user_blocks_editAbility to ignore or unignore on behalf of user.
user_blocks_readRead access to a user's list of ignored users.
user_follows_editAccess to manage a user's followed channels.
channel_readRead access to non-public channel information including email address and stream key.
channel_editorWrite access to channel metadata (game, status, etc).
channel_commercialAccess to trigger commercials on channel.
channel_streamAbility to reset a channel's stream key.
channel_subscriptionsRead access to all subscribers to your channel.
user_subscriptionsRead access to subscriptions of a user.
channel_check_subscriptionRead access to check if a user is subscribed to your channel.
chat_loginAbility to log into chat and send messages.
channel_feed_readAbility to view a channel feed.
channel_feed_editAbility to add posts and reactions to a channel feed.
collections_editManage a user's collections (of videos).
communities_editManager a user's communities.
communities_moderateManage community moderators.
viewing_activity_readTurn on Viewer Heartbeat Service ability to record user data.
openidUse OpenID Connect authentication.

Refresh Access Token

If you have generated an access token with in the past, you can paste the accompanying refresh token here and perform a refresh request to generate a new access token and refresh token. This will reset the 60 day validity countdown.

Revoke Your Access Token NEW

If you'd like to invalid your access token because it leaked or you want to rotate it without blocking TwitchTokenGenerator as a whole, you can revoke individual tokens here:

Forgot Your Token Details?

If you've forgotten the username, userid, scopes or dates assigned to an oauth token (doesn't need to be from, you can use this tool to get them: Statistics

All available anonymized service statistics can be found at the following link:
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